September 25, 2022

Proud to be part of the Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness exhibition in the lovely Kevis House Gallery in Petworth, Sussex. My tree watercolours are peeking out of the windows

September 25, 2022

Many thanks to Watts Gallery for inviting me to be part of their Into the Woods exhibition running now until 30 October

September 25, 2022

The 'Regeneration' Arborealists exhibition at the National Trust's Fyne Court is now open until October 2

September 19, 2022

Looking forward to exhibiting with The Arborealists + Guests at Fyne Court from 24th September- 2nd October 2022

To highlight the work of the Queen’s Green Canopy Project, Members of The Arborealists plus special guest artists present a new exhibition themed on Regeneration, promoting tree planting, a vital strand of the environmental crisis recovery strategy. The exhibition features in this year’s Somerset Art Weeks event and the group once again revisit the historic and beautiful surroundings of the Music Hall at the National Trust’s Fyne Court property in the Quantocks.

On Sunday 25th September there is a special programme of short talks by ecologists, writers, artists and curators on the tree in art history, politics and folklore and current thinking around arboreal ecology. Invited speakers include George Peterken, Christiana Payne, Simon Trapnell and Sara Hudston. There is also the opportunity to visit Lachrymae, a tree themed sound and visual installation over the first weekend, curated in the grounds by Artmusic, and the opportunity to meet some of the artists taking part in the Regeneration exhibition. The exhibition will be closed to the public that day but open to attendees and tickets are now on sale.

September 10, 2022

A bad painting of an incredible hotel: Passalacqua

September 09, 2022

****Saturday 10th plein air painting with @royal_institute_watercolours postponed****

“We apologise for cancelling at such short notice and for any inconvenience this will cause but are sure you will understand the reason for this decision”

September 07, 2022

Many thanks to visitors and voters at the @brutonart exhibition who elected 'Misty Ash' for the Popular Choice Award. Thanks to @dovecotegallerybruton for their sponsorship……With that amount of votes I think I'm entitled to run the country now aren't I?……

August 23, 2022

Many thanks to Bruton Art Society for the lovely award at their annual exhibition

August 20, 2022

A short film of me hiding in the woods……with some paints

August 20, 2022

Many thanks to the RI for featuring my paintings highlighting our fossil fuel nightmare. Read the post here

“My watercolours aim to highlight how oil companies are knowingly ruining the climate. The paintings show oilmen in suits setting fire to our forests. If these companies were committing arson there would be uproar and strenuous efforts made to stop them. But they are doing it more indirectly and subtly so that we hardly notice that it’s happening. But it really is. Our woodlands are burning up and so are we. The shocking thing about the oil industry’s actions is that it has known for years what the outcome of burning fossil fuels would be on the planet. Sadly, profits trump that knowledge.”